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Cyber Advisors and Dell EMC Platinum Partnership

Years ago, Dell EMC vetted out the best IT services oriented partners in the US. Cyber Advisors was put to the test by Dell EMC and has grown to be one of the top producing Dell EMC GEO partners in the nation.

What is a GEO partner you may ask? Many companies rely upon Dell EMC to be a single source of all IT solutions. Dell EMC allows successful GEO partners (Like Cyber) to perform services for Dell EMC customers directly on Dell EMC contracts. On many occasions, Dell EMC will bring us to the table to their top nationwide customers to allow Cyber Advisors to perform a high level and white glove level of services. In fact, nearly half of our Dell EMC GEO services are performed outside of our local state of Minnesota.

The advantage to a Dell EMC GEO customer is the outstanding backing by Dell EMC, a single point of contact for your project, as well as a high touch services engagement. Need more info? Give your Dell rep a call…They will know us!