Strategic partner community financial institutions can rely on


The Servion Group was looking for a partner that not only understood their environment, but would also serve their technology business partner to help scale the business. With exponential growth over the last year, Servion also needed a strategy to help them achieve goals around IT infrastructure and cybersecurity.


Cyber Advisors has a long-standing relationship with The Servion Group which has helped improve many areas of the business including security, managed services, storage, business efficiency and consolidate the vendor footprint.

Business Efficiencies

The Cyber Advisors Service Desk alleviates the daily tasks of assisting end-users and allows the Servion IT Team to work on strategic goals and objectives. The managed services relationship has also provided better support and consistency from Cyber Advisors’ Primary and Secondary Engineers.

Client Systems

With exponential growth over the last year, Servion had a large number of client systems that needed to be replaced. The Cyber Advisors and Dell teams worked together to put a standard process in place for client systems that are now on a schedule and streamlined deplovments through the standard models are selected for the different types of end users through the imagina process. An imagina solution was also deployed to set up client workstations with an automated model reducing set-up time by 75%.

Microsoft 365 E5 Initiative

Cyber Advisors is a Silver and Gold Microsoft partner and worked with Servion to move towards the M365 E5 initiative Servion was also seeking voice features and opted for the Enterprise Voice system feature through Teams.

Get to Know the Customer:

The Servion Group is a unique financial services company designed to meet the needs of community financial institutions. Partnering with credit unions and community banks across the U.S., Servion helps them grow and arms them with the tools to reach their true potential. The Servion Group has diversified service lines in mortgage, realty, title, financial advising, and commercial loan resources

Dell PowerStore Storage

With aging storage, Servion didn’t feel comfortable with the product roadmap and was looking for an alternative storage solution. The Cyber Advisors and Dell Technologies teams helped Servion find the right storage solution for their organization and PowerStore stood out for many reasons. The Servion team selected PowerStore due to its NVMe storage, data reduction with compression and deduplication, and the replication for disaster recovery.

Project Highlights