“The staff are knowledgeable, courteous and extremely helpful. They are more than happy to assist us with any needs we have and their response time for any issues we have ever had is amazing! We are very satisfied with the level of service that we receive and appreciate their suggestions and forward thinking to keep our company up and running and secure.”

Liz Kerfeld

Office Manager, Tewksbury & Kerfeld P.A.

“Our entire system runs so smoothly I hardly give it a thought anymore. This is entirely due to the team!”

Nancy Karter

Accountant, Lapp, Libra, Thomson, Stoebner & Pusch

“Scott and his team have been our IT support for years and they have helped us through many transitions with professionalism and integrity. I’ve never felt pressured by them to spend more money on IT than I felt I needed. When my computer was “attacked” by ransomware, they responded immediately and got my computer rebuilt in a very quick turnaround!”

Paul R. Blom

Owner & CEO, Right at Home

“This team is invaluable to us with their IT services. Someone is always there for us, evenings and weekends if needed. Scott’s honestly is greatly appreciated in terms of everything we ask, even if the answer is something that we don’t necessary want to hear! We really appreciate the proactive approach that is used with hardware and software. They have been a wonderful partner for us and we would highly recommend them.”

John Glieden

Business Owner, Sherman Insurance Agency

“We have always appreciated the excellent service. They go above & beyond to keep our network running smoothly!”

Val Wojtysiak

CIC, CISR Reliable Agency, Inc.

“We had never partnered with an IT firm, so for us the idea of doing that was a bit daunting. The team at KLH quickly put us at ease. They understood we needed time to digest the process they follow. They were patient and very professional. We have not regretted our decision to partner with KLH.”

Dennis Aulich

Accountant, Peterson’s North Branch Mill, Inc.

“Empirehouse has been using KLH services since 2014 and we are very happy with the service provided, every person at KLH is great! I am very pleased with our onsite IT technician Boyd who is always there when we need him, he explains in terms we can understand and he can troubleshoot any issue we are having with technology. If Boyd is not available we can call their hotline and get just about any issue resolved. The sales and admin support staff are also fantastic to work with, whenever there is new technology that will affect our business they are there to let us know giving us all the pros and cons. They never tell us we have to do anything, the cost of technology is expense and there are many options to protect our data and hardware and KLH makes it easy to make solid business decisions. I would recommend KLH to any business, their professionalism is superior!”

James Bringle

General Manager, EMPIREHOUSE, INC.

“We left our old vendor because response times were very bad and they rarely solved problems with the first fix. With KLH however, most, if not all, of our tickets are solved within 24 hours. If there is ever a critical issue, or one easier to handle in-person, a tech is normally at our office within 90 minutes. We appreciate that our tech, Boyd, realizes and addresses critical issues before we ever realize something is wrong. I almost always get a response within an hour – even for minor issues after hours. With our old vendor I would have to “babysit” open tickets to ensure work was actually being done. Everyone at KLH excels at explaining things in an easy to understand, non-technical way. If something’s not working, they let me know exactly why. Plus, our salesperson, Scott, is great and helpful as we work on new projects, freeing up our tech to keeping our systems running as needed.”

Nick Manty

Operations Administrator, Manty & Associates, P.A.

“KLH has provided Thexton Mg. Co. with complete IT service from network management to pc solutions. KLH has worked with our telephone and Internet service provider and our data management provider, and efficiently tied all of our system together. Our entire system operates very effectively. Our KLH technical representative is readily available to us. And, if she is busy with another account, as we expect she might be at times, KLH quickly provides another professional technician so we can get back to business speedily. The response time to address and fix any issues we have had has been tremendous. On the occasion that we have had any service issues, KLH has been very prompt in getting the issues resolved. KLH has provided our company with complete IT service – from network management to computer solutions.”

Brian Tichy

President, Thexton Manufacturing Co.

“As a newly established law firm, The Coleman Law Firm needed an IT vendor that was responsive, well-rounded and capable of getting our firm up and running from day one. We found exactly that in KLH. The results have been positive. They always answer their phones and are always here when we have fires and that is important.”

Vikki Glosser

Firm Administrator, The Coleman Law Firm

“We knew of Kevin and his strong IT knowledge from a previous vendor we used and didn’t hesitate to hire KLH. We have been more than happy with the service and response time to any of our questions or needs. The staff is quick to respond to emails and phone calls and they were extremely quick at getting us up and running when our systems failed one day. I would highly recommend KLH. I appreciate both the technical and non-technical support we receive and I have always felt comfortable with the recommendations that I receive from KLH. I usually email back and forth with questions and if needed, we set up a meeting to discuss. If I want to find an option that works better with our company and budget, they are always willing to assist by giving me more options.”

Liz Kerfeld

Office Manager, Tewksbury & Kerfeld, P.A.

“KLH responds to tickets submitted by our employees promptly, many of which are outside regular business hours. We also receive regular on-site visits whether or not we need them. KLH is always proactively giving us recommendations & suggestions to improve our network. Previously our IT provider only came on-site if we had a major problem. Many times KLH prefers to do software upgrades while on-site so they are present, should something unexpected occur.”

Val Wojtysiak

Secretary/Treasurer, Reliable Agency Inc.

“KLH has always been there when we have needed them. In all honesty, any time day or night we are always able to get in touch with someone at KLH. Even when we’ve had issues on weekends we’ve been able to talk to someone to get problems resolved. Their flexibility is invaluable. We work with independent contractors who work out of their homes and KLH has been great about working with them after business hours to get their work stations set up there. In addition, KLH has been wonderful in terms of, not only service, but also on recommendations. I appreciate Scott’s honesty with us. If I approach him about the newest product, he isn’t afraid to say no and why. He is also proactive for us, tracking our equipment age and effectiveness. I have NEVER felt pressured to purchase something I wasn’t comfortable with. KLH has been a wonderful partner for us. I would be lost without them!”

Jennifer Bartl

Office Manager, Sherman Insurance

“Our small company, with three locations and 15 staff members, was dealing with an IT company that was not responsive to our needs. They were not able to adjust to our changing, growing business climate. We were concerned about support and responsiveness and requested a meeting with the IT person who would lead the installation and be our support. Both Scott Johnson’s initial presentation and the IT person’s meeting addressed these concerns with no strings attached. KLH has since delivered on all promises, with superb support. Many issues are handled remotely, and completed in the evening so we’re not slowed down. Our technician, Boyd, is thorough, quick, responsive, and genuinely liked by our staff and Scott walks us through solutions in an easy to understand, “regular people” language. Plus, whatever is proposed and agreed upon is delivered for the amounts quoted. There have been no surprises. I highly recommend KLH.”

Dan Delmore

Owner Operator, Gearty-Delmore

“One of the things we most appreciate about outsourcing to KLH is access to a higher level and broader expanse of knowledge and expertise than we had with our singular internal IT staffer. We get the same instant access to an IT resource and quicker resolution, even on more complex issues, as KLH brings in additional resources when needed. I also appreciate the proactive monitoring of our networks. With KLH’s monitoring in place we avoided a major disaster when two of our three hard drives on our primary server crashed over a weekend. The technician received an alert and by Monday morning he was in our office replacing the drives. They rebuilt correctly and we experienced no down time. Their recommendations for different and better, tools – from firewalls to antivirus protection – keeps us up and running problem-free. We could have continued to keep our IT person on-staff for certain functions within our IT infrastructure but chose to outsource everything to KLH and we made the right decision.”

Mike Cunnien

CEO, Calhoun Technologies

“Our KLH engineer, Boyd is super. He is thorough and patient; doesn’t talk down to me; and he keeps me informed. With Boyd on our team I would say I am at least 30 percent more productive. I don’t have to follow up to ensure the job gets done. I give it to him and I know it will get done. Overall, I have less worry, I don’t need to follow-up and I’m more productive.”

Patty Czock

Vice President of Operations – Personal Lines, Insurance Advisors, Inc

“As most businesses do, when we looked for a new IT company we compared many factors – cost in particular. The rates were generally comparable, but what mattered to us more was how quickly the IT company could respond to our problems. As a medium-sized law firm, it’s not economically feasible to have an on-site computer tech, but with KLH it’s like having one at our disposal. We depend on our computers – when they’re down, we lose money. KLH can get us back and running within minutes remotely, or they are at our office amazingly fast. Even on the weekends, KLH is checking our network to ensure daily backups are running as well as keep us up to date and protected on the latest virus and ways to operate more efficiently and economically. With KLH, I don’t have to worry about computer issues that might pull me away from my own work. . I can’t say enough good things about KLH and their employees.”

Carole Hoeft

Legal Assistant, Campbell Knutson, P. A.

“Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Our experience with other (cheaper) IT companies is that the service follows the price; the lower the cost, the lower the service. KLH may be on the higher side of the scale, but the service is impeccable and well worth the investment! The peace of mind they provide us is invaluable; under their care, we’re confident that our network and our clients’ data are safe from loss, viruses and hackers, and we no longer worry about storms, natural disasters or other failures because they have it under control and a plan to get us back up and running fast. That is why we chose the best, KLH!”

Julie Bernhardt

Secretary and Treasurer, Mason City All Risk