Your Letter from Cyber Advisors


As you can see, I’ve attached a $1 bill to the top of this letter. Why have I done this? Actually, there are two reasons…

  1. This letter contains an important and unusual message I believe you’ll be very interested in, so I wanted to make sure it would get your attention.
    Second, since this letter is about helping you avoid wasting money, I thought a $1 bill would be an appropriate “eye-catcher.”
  2. Here’s what this is all about…My name is Scott Johnson, Director of Sales – Small Business Division.  We are the only IT services firm in Twin Cities that will guarantee we can show you how to eliminate network slowness, crashes, data loss and a host of other annoying IT problems. You may not have heard of us before, but we work with small and mid-size organizations just like yours every day.

If you’re anything like our clients before they started working with Cyber Advisors, I’d venture to guess that you aren’t thrilled with the service you are getting from your current IT support company, but you tolerate their incompetence simply because you don’t know who else to call, or because you’re just too darn busy to take the time to find someone else.

Problem is, paying for substandard IT support is more than just annoying—it’s often a sign that your current provider is not properly maintaining your computer network, which leaves you completely exposed to more serious and costly threats such as viruses, data loss regulatory issues, extended downtime or a hacker gaining access to your network, bank account and personal e-mails and files.

If you want to make absolutely certain you are protected against these threats (and if you want to know if you are getting what you’re paying for when it comes to IT services) then I’d like to offer you a FREE IT Security and Performance Discovery. This customized analysis will show you how to completely eliminate every IT problem you are dealing with and make it so you never have to pay for unnecessary IT expenses and repairs again.  For details, please feel free to contact me directly or visit to register for your discovery.


Dedicated to your success,

Scott Johnson