Cyber Advisors Interactive & Virtual Cybersecurity Simulation

Virtual Event

We’re mixing things up a bit and Cyber Advisors has teamed up with one of our top-level security partners to put on a unique online interactive protection simulation! Fun, engaging and fast – gameplay develops an understanding of cybersecurity with no deep security expertise necessary. This simulation has been played by managers and IT experts from 50+ countries.

Dell EMC PowerStore Launch & Virtual Sommelier-Guided Wine Tasting Experience

Virtual Event

We’re going to highlight the launch of Dell EMC PowerStore and then dive into our virtual wine tasting!
If you’re able to join us, the wine will be shipped in advance to your best shipping address by our partners of The Sommelier Company. Please refrain from opening the wine prior to the event so we can all enjoy the same tasting experiences and connect virtually. The Sommelier Company will walk participants though the wine tasting experience, revealing the “Secrets of the Sommeliers” while tasting a classics set of 3 classical red wines from Europe.


Remote Access Vulnerability Assessment

April 30, 2020

Workplaces are changing and Cyber Advisors is here to help. Where businesses may once have had a single location to manage, now there is one for every user. Our assessment will help reign in this extended security footprint for the corporate edge and optionally, individual user endpoints. Engage with our team to learn more.

Welcome to the Team Mark Blanco

April 30, 2020

Cyber Advisors is excited to welcome Mark Blanco to the team at the new Project Manager. Mark comes to us with a long history of project management experience from multiple roles across various industries.

Dunwoody College of Technology

March 3, 2020

Cyber Advisors is growing and we’re seeking individuals to join our team and launch their careers. We recently attended the Dunwoody College of Technology 2020 Career Fair and met many talented students.