About Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is a nonprofit community organization that helps children, families and older adults in the east Metro through direct service programs, research, leadership development, and community building. Established in 1906, Wilder serves low-income and at risk residents with mental health, education, aging, housing, school success, and caregiving services.

For children like Alex, who is four years old and attends Wilder’s Child Development Center (CDC), growing up in poverty means his young life has been filled with stress. His mother works two jobs. His dad has been in jail. He has lived in seven different homes and has had trouble making friends, trouble relating to others and becomes quickly frustrated. At the CDC, Alex learns to express his feelings and practices social skills. This emotional and social development ensures that Alex will be ready to learn and succeed in school. From the CDC, to a Community Center for Again, from a community health clinic for children and families with mental health needs, to a Social Healing Center for Southeast Asain residents, Wilder is innovating programs that build on strengths so that all people can reach their full potential.

Through Community, Research, and Leadership, Wilder is helping to create a more vibrant Saint Paul. Wilder Research studies evidence and ideas that will help children and families thrive, producing over 150 reports each year including key studies on homelessness, immigration, and early childhood health. Wilder offers youth, neighborhood and nonprofit leadership programs and at the Wilder Center, we bring together residents, nonprofit and business organizations, foundations and governmental units to identify critical social issues important to our region.

The Partnership with Cyber Advisors

Cyber Advisors supports 385 Wilder Foundation employees working across multiple sites as well as in school and community settings. The Help Desk receives hundreds of calls and email tickets per month from Wilder, providing a wide variety of user assistance including computer hardware and software needs, applications, purchase requests, smartphones, and more. As the go to source for procurement, upgrades, troubleshooting, and systems, Cyber Advisors are a critical piece of Wilder’s effectiveness and success in delivering programs and services to over 6,000 families in the east metro each year.

To learn more about Wilder Foundation, please visit www.wilder.org or find them on Facebook.

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